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The "ultimate insider account" of Israeli politics and diplomacy
The “ultimate insider account” of Israeli politics and diplomacy

Yehuda Avner dedicated his life to building and serving the State of Israel. He set out from his native England as a young, Zionist pioneer, and became a respected civil servant, a top political adviser, and one of Israel’s most skilled diplomats. He achieved celebrity status as author of The Prime Ministers, a bestselling account of his first-hand experiences working with Israeli and world political leaders, and as star of two movies based on it.

Yehuda Avner with Prime Minister Menachem Begin
Yehuda Avner with Prime Minister Menachem Begin

Whether working with presidents and prime ministers, or sharing his insider stories, Yehuda Avner exhibited a passionate commitment to Judaism and the Jewish people, and delivered a powerful message of Jewish pride. Yehuda Avner passed away in 2015, but his legacy lives on in his books, movies, and words.

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